Missed out on a GTS-R W1 and want to get your hands on a piece of exclusive HSV heritage?

The Kiddy Moto Billy Cart requires a smaller investment, is incredibly fuel efficient and apparently “meets all safety standards.” But without a single airbag, brakes that only operate on the rear wheels and a maximum driver weight of 50kg, max u g g we’re not convinced.

HSV Kiddi Moto Billy Cart $199.95

Not satisfied with offering a car for every niche and sub niche within each of those, Mercedes is now moving into bicycles and, true to form, the company is not just offering options in one segment, but four. Its mountain bike is the equivalent of a twowheeled G Wagon, the road bike is the AMG GT R for Lycra fans, its Trekking cycle would be a offerin n Mer nowmoving bicycl GLA if it had four wheels, while the commuter-focused Fitness model is not the kind of fitness model we were hoping for.

Mercedes-Benz Focus bikes pricing TBC If the Bugatti Chiron’s $3.3m price made your eyes water then you clearly haven’t seen how much the car maker is asking for a leather jacket to match it. The horseshoe design front and back is a nod to the hypercar’s defining flanks and grille, while the quilting mimics the seat upholstery. Bugatti says the hide coat is “one-of-a-kind” but it looks an awful lot like the 430 others that the production is limited to.

Bugatti Chiron driving jacket $5400 Porsche’s new 911 cabin is, without doubt, a pleasant place to spend time, but owners no longer have to forfeit the cosseting bolsters and luscious leather upholstery of the driver’s seat when it’s time to start talking about low-hanging fruit, blue-sky thinking and incentivisation. The Porsche office chair uses exactly the same sports seat as fitted Po wi to the 997 911, complete with electric back rest adjustment and embossed headrest.

Porsche office chair $7159.18

Ayrton Senna won his first Monaco Grand Prix 30 years ago this year. The watch industry loves an anniversary even more than the car industry, so TAG Heuer has released three new watches which Senna liked crack under his old sponsor watches to celebrate. The w when he featured in TAG’s first ‘don’t cra pressure’ campaign in ’91 are pretty uncool now and wouldn’t do well if reissued, but TAG has cleverly incorporated Senna’s favoured (and appropriate) S-link bracelet design into the new watches. There’s a high-priced Carrera version, but this quartz chronograph from the entry-level Formula One collection is a lot more relevant to most of us, and probably better looking to most eyes too.

TAG Heuer Formula One Senna chronograph, $2100 MHD was started by Matthew Humphries, the precocious British became Morgan’s in 2005 aged years there everything from the Wheeler, before his own design That includes MHD will let you custom-own watch from components, as well as producing own designs.

This first, inspired by the of the 1960s and dials in a period Porsche There’s now also this CR1 version, and a range watches. They’re quartz movements and value for money: you the work of a brilliant car designer for the something from a mall store.

MHD 250 (pay online) matthewhumphries y in sterling mphries m Matth precociou itish car designer who b organ’s head of design i ed just 21. In his seven ere he created everyth e Aeromax to the 3 W fore leaving to found sign consultancy. Th HD Watches, which ustom-build your ow om Seiko componen oducing Matthew’s his SQ1 was his firs e drivers’ watches nd by the VDO dia rsche 911. There’ R1 chronograph v nge of divers’ wa l powered by qu nd are great valu u get rarity and illiant young c e price of som all chain store HD CR1, £25 nline) matthe esignwatche Hu Br Mo ag th th be de MH cu fro pro Th th an Po CR ran all an yo bri th ma MH on de In case you thought that Chopard’s sponsorship of the Mille Miglia is just another bandwagonhopping exercise by a big watch brand trying to buy its way into petrolhead’s hearts, consider this.

The first time Chopard boss Karl- Friedrich Scheufele competed in the Mille, back in 1988, he chose the hardest car to drive in his eye-widening collection: a 4.5-litre pre-war Bentley. Not only did he drive all 1000 miles of the historic rally himself (almost everyone else shares with a co-driver), but he manhandled the brute over the Alps to the start line in Brescia from his home in Geneva, and back again afterwards. That makes the Bathurst 1000 look a bit half-hearted. Chopard makes a new limited-edition watch for the race every year: this is the 2017 version.

Chopard Mille Miglia 2017 Race Edition, $9690