Graeme Horsnell, Greenacre, NSW

Newly licensed drivers are not created overnight (Towards Zero Sense, Redline, May). If, in their years of on-road experience prior to getting a driver’s licence they are not trained to think about the knowledge, skills and suitable attitudes towards surviving every road trip, then they cannot be expected to instantly turn the situation around when they start driving.

As passengers, pedestrians and cyclists, they are constantly exposed to road users behaving dangerously. Any car trip in our cities will reveal pedestrians on their mobile phones crossing the road, cyclists running red lights and drivers going at speeds inappropriate for the conditions.

Successfully completing each trip is no accident. Right from a child’s first road trip, survival is the aim. Maybe ‘road safety’ should be renamed ‘road survival’. By the way, any driving school that uses the word ‘easy’ in its name is guilty of false representation. We can well do without poor road user standards on our roads being perpetuated.