A brief chat withÖ

Lamborghini chief test driver Mario Fasanetto


Many would say you have the best job in the worldÖ

It is, I really love what I do.

Itís always been my passion to become a test driver. I was born in a small town near SantíAgata and I remember when I saw my first Lamborghini. It was a white Countach and for me it was like a space shuttle. It was amazing, I was so surprised by it.

How long have you been a test driver with Lamborghini?

I started in 1985, so 32 years ago, and I became test driver in 1993. After that I moved to a different area inside Lamborghini, and since 1998 Iíve been in R&D, which is where we test all the new prototypes. So the Huracan Performante isnít a new car to me.

Iím already working on something new. Thatís the best part of my job.

I see the cars many years before everyone else. Itís amazing.

How do todayís cars compare to past Lamborghinis?

When I started in 1985 we had the Countach QV5000 and the Jalpa, 3.5-litre V8. It was a totally different universe, not just a different world. These were cars you were really able to drive; they had no electronic controls, they were really hard. And the cockpit was really tight, even for me and Iím not so tall. But they were amazing. Those cars gave me big satisfaction.

Do you have a favourite?

For each model Iíll tell which variant I enjoy to drive. For Diablo it was the GT. The Murcielago, the SV, same for Aventador, both are just unbelievable to drive. And for the Huracan itís the Performante.

But if you had to have oneÖ

Iíd take Aventador. Or Performante. The Aventadorís lines and the noise are amazing. But the Performante, itís not easy to leave behind on the track. Itís really, really fast.

Have you ever crashed?

Yes, sometimes it just happens.

Around 95 percent of my job is on the track, so sometimes itís unavoidable. Iím testing new components and sometimes when I have to test the limit of a new componentÖwell, when you find the limit itís normal that something happens. Then I make sure we improve it for the customer.

How do the police treat you?

It depends. Sometimes they stop me just to check out the car because even for them, they love the cars. But if you exceed with the speed there is no way they let me off. So I have to be careful.

Whatís Urus like?

I drive Urus almost all day, every day. Thatís my focus. AndÖ I canít tell you more. Sorry.

Whatís an average day look like for a Lamborghini test driver?

I have two different types of standard day. In the factory I wake up at 6:15am, then drive 20km to work, have a small meeting and leave about 6pm. At the track, which is far away from the factory, I start about 7am and then test all day. Some days Iím still on track until 7 or 8pm.