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AMG reveals hypercar underbelly

AMG HAS given us our first look at how it plans to shoehorn a Formula 1 drivetrain into its upcoming hypercar, dubbed Project One.

Behind the cabin sits the same turbocharged, direct-injected 1.6-litre V6 engine found in Lewis Hamilton’s racecar, tuned for an 11,000rpm limit. The hybrid drivetrain also includes a mechanical and electric turbocharger (MGU-H) with split turbine and compressor housings connected by a long shaft, and an 80kW electric motor. Another 120kW motor attaches to the crankshaft, and two more 120kW motors drive the front wheels.

AMG claims system output will be “more than 1000ps (735kW)” and response will be faster than a naturally aspirated V8.

As for the batteries, Project One uses four times the number of 800-volt cells found in an F1 car.

Higher voltage reduces losses and allows shorter charging times.

Configurable drive modes include a pure electric setting with a 25km range, and a ‘Qualifying’ mode for maximum dynamic performance. AMG says, “despite high complexity the driver will always have the optimal combination of performance and efficiency.”

Project One is expected to be revealed in full, with an aerohoned body, at September’s Frankfurt motor show. Nine orders are currently held in Oz.


If your budget can’t stretch to the incoming M8 GTE and you don’t want something quite as intimidating, BMW now offers an M4 GT4. Built to – you guessed it – GT4 regulations, the turn-key package gains the usual race-ready additions. AP Racing brakes, bucket seats and pedals are borrowed from the M6 GT3. Trackday domination awaits.