JUNE 2017

Do you find that you are spending plenty of quality time with your partner and kids and you’re on time for work every day? Well, you clearly don’t own one of these.

Among its diverse range of driving video game prosthetics, Pagnian Advanced Simulation (read it again – not Pagani) is now offering a complete Holden Racing Team cockpit courtesy of Next Level Racing, for the ultimate in driving simulation immersion. Just add wheel, pedals and unemployment.

Next Level Racing Official Holden Racing Team Simulator $1099

Carbonfibre is renowned for its high strength combined with light weight so it’s the obvious choice of material for a chess set, right? For the Ferrari owner with every conceivable extra and lots of disposable income, this hyperbolic set includes a lockable carbon-clad wooden case, varnished wooden pieces and prancing knights.

Ferrari carbonfibre chess set $2370 In the market for a new pair of runners? Mizuno’s Wave Prophecy 6 are fresh on the market for $360, bringing the latest running shoe technology and a cool hollow Wave Plate cushioned sole, but for added exclusivity you could snap up a pair of Lamborghini’s version for only $34 extra. The Lambo sneaker is also available in a wider range of typically unapologetic colours and designs.

Automobili Lamborghini Wave Tenjin 2 by Mizuno $394 For about $1000 you can be the proud owner of Huawei’s latest Mate 9, an up-to-the-minute smartphone which offers a 1080p touchscreen display, Kirin 960 processor, four-level fingerprint recognition, slick brushed aluminium casing and a dual camera by lens expert Leica. But if you feel like spending twice as much, you can opt for the Porsche Design version which has Porsche Design written on it and comes with a branded leather case. Okay, it also has a larger, higher-resolution screen and more memory.

Porsche Design europe Huawei Mate 9 $2003

Autodromo’s young, Brooklynbased founder Bradley Price says he’s surprised and delighted that Australia is his third biggest market after the US and the UK.

But when his motorsport-inspired watches are this credible and affordable, it’s not that surprising that sensible buyers here prefer them to Hublots which cost as much as a house. This limited edition celebrates Brian Redman, one of Price’s heroes from the glory days of endurance racing.

The dial echoes the colours of the Porsche 908 in which Redman won the Nurburgring 1000km race in 1969, and the beautiful packaging includes a book signed by him.

Just 50 watches are available with this black case. If you’re not as quick as Brian, check out the rest of the Autodromo range.

Autodromo Prototipo Brian Redman DLC US$775 Ferrari’s watch partner Hublot has produced a special model for its 70th anniversary this year. It was sketched by Ferrari’s Head of Design Flavio Manzoni, and engineered by Hublot near Geneva. Inside there’s an ‘engine’ as complex and clever as a Ferrari’s: a manual-winding tourbillon movement with a five-day power reserve and a singlebutton chronograph. This is super high-end watchmaking, with a price to match. It comes in three materials: titanium, ‘King Gold’, or ultra-light and strong PEEK carbonfibre. The last option perhaps feels most appropriate. Just 70 watches are available in each material, and despite the utterly insane price they’ll sell out as fast as the 70th anniversary LaFerrari Aperta.

Hublot Ferrari Techframe 70 years GBP £105,000 tch y n ear n on y les king, omes m, nd he ost s rice ta. er