Ken Strain, via email

I read with interest about the latest crop of performance cars from Audi, Mercedes and BMW but can’t help thinking in the bang-for-your-buck stakes, the Evo X, released way back in 2008 can, with a modest amount of cash spent on a power upgrade, be more than competitive on the track or an interesting back road.

I think it would be interesting to see how a modified Evo X compares with the latest performance cars in the segment. Or, to put it another way, what could Mitsubishi have achieved if they’d stuck with the formula that the others seem to have copied?

For a mere $5000 or so, the Evo X with the factory turbo can be upgraded to more than 300kW and 500Nm, comparing more than favourably with the others. I believe the drivetrain is still probably just as effective as the other manufacturers’ newer models.

So you can outlay circa-$80K for one of the German cars or buy a secondhand Evo X for around $45K, spend another $5K on a power upgrade and most probably have a quicker car. And pocket the $30K difference.

My fairly stock Evo X recorded quicker lap times than the then-current versions of the AMG A45 and Audi TT RS – and I can’t claim it was my superior driving skill.

Okay, I know the Evo X interior is cheap, but the driving experience is far from it.