Wes Ripper, via Facebook

Gotta love the wankers who think the cost of a car should come down to a quarter-mile time (Video: HSV GTS-R W1 vs HSV Senator LSA drag race, WheelsMag.com.au.) What about a half-mile or full-mile time? Or lap times around Bathurst or Phillip Island, perhaps?

What about a good old hill run on Australia’s high roads, as this was built for Aussie conditions and driving styles? We don’t build four-door pocket rockets or high-tech, rapid-fire dual-clutch gearboxes. We produce cars that have character and are fun to drive and listen to.

You might find a big Euro luxury four-door performance car that looks and sounds and goes and stops just as good, but I doubt you would find one for the price of either of these. And as the W1 is our generation’s GT-HO, I doubt you will find a four-door package as nice that will appreciate in value in decades to come.

Paying $100K for a nice LSA is also good bang-for-buck compared with what you will pay for the large Germans.

The W1 needs to be raced for a few laps against other fourdoors; only then will it change opinions on its worth. Look what a GT-HO or Monaro coupe or Torana is worth now – even the Walkinshaw Commodores. In their prime, many of them were nothing more than a beefed-up version of the stock model.

This thing is miles better, and rarer. Dry-sumped LS9, suspension and brakes that come from a factory that produces V8 Supercar hardware; I would love one in my driveway.

Well done, HSV, on having the balls to produce such a weapon. Wheels, hurry up and do a comparison; a three-lap shootout against all the large fourdoor, rear-drive production cars.

Unfortunately, Wes, we had only two days and 1000km in which to test the W1, limiting what we could do with it. For now, at least.