Counter strike

BMW’s M4 CS is paving the way for a full range of rival-smashing metal where M is merely entry level


THE ANNOUNCEMENT that BMW will slot a vicious ‘GTS-lite’ CS variant into the M4 super-coupe range has caused excitement among fans of hi-po Beemers, and the German car maker has followed up with more good news – it’s not a one-off.

Rather than a tantalising flash in the pan, the 338kW/600Nm CS-badged M4 (due here in September) will herald a whole family of CS cars sprinkled throughout the M Division range.

Where the M-variant of a given BMW model has traditionally represented the top of the company’s food chain, the ‘standard’ version will now be the entry point version will now be the entry point 20 into the exclusive M-car club. Above that, the Competition variants will offer a step up in performance, but sit below the new line of Competition Sport (CS) versions.

The new flagship of each model line-up will be the Club Sport cars, examples of which include the M4 GTS and M4 DTM, as explained by BMW M GmbH sales and marketing vice president Peter Quintus.

“It will be a strategy throughout the models – to have a base car, a Competition car, a Competition Sport (CS) car and maybe having a Club Sport car,” he said.

So what’s next? Quintus would not reveal what we can expect to see branded with the CS badge after the M4, but our bet would be the M4’s mechanical twin, the M3, or the M2 coupe.

When asked about the possibility When asked about the possibility of an M3 CS, Quintus said the car was “not a bad idea” but was not in a position to elaborate.

Information provided by the World Intellectual Property Organisation offers a glimpse at how wide the CS net may be cast, with confirmation that BMW has moved to protect virtually all applications of the CS brand, including everything from M1 CS to M8 CS.

Notice the absence of the X-car SUVs? Quintus said it is unlikely that any high-rider will be offered in CS form but Competition versions were “possible”.

If all of this CS chat has got you reminiscing about the venerable 3.0 CSL ‘Batmobile’ and the purist’s E46 M3 CSL, then there’s good news here too.

“It would be logical to have W “It would be logical to have a CSL. It makes sense and it would be a good idea,” concluded Quintus.


Track: Club Sport k: por p k Sp Track

Club Sport variants such as the mental M4 GTS and above the Competition Sport. nts s G sit ab ition varian M M4 DTM s Competi

Fast road: Competition

variants offer a little more fury for customers who want some extra heat in their M-cars.

Entry: M4 & M4 Pure

New Pure version will mark M4 entry-point. Loses some equipment, but gains Competition power & chassis