John Reid, Bowral, NSW

I agree with Ian Duncan (Inbox, April) regarding our antiquated speed limits. My son and his family lived in Berlin for four years, and he did a lot of travelling on German autobahns.

Each week he would ring me and recall where he had been, what car he had managed to hire (mainly either a BMW 5 Series Touring or X5 twin-turbo diesel, which he loved) and some of the speeds he got to on the autobahns. More than 200km/h was a normal, everyday speed.

When he and his family visit us, he hates driving on our motorways. He finds the speed limits here are so out of touch with elsewhere that he finds he’s always distracted looking at the speedo instead of the road due to our overpoliced limits.

It is not speed that kills, but people’s stupidity and inattention to what is happening around them. Now living in New York, my son is hating driving there as well...