Leo Yarnold, via Facebook

When it comes down to it, Holden is an insignificant on GM’s radar; a subsidiary has produced excellent staff but is absolutely misunderstood in Detroit (‘2018 Holden Commodore: Where to next?’,

Ultimately, GM have only themselves to blame. Too many brands, too many platforms and not enough understanding of the markets in which they play.

GM needs to rationalise, dump its overseas brands and replace them with three core units that serve all its businesses: Chevrolet, Cadillac and GMC.

Have Chevy as its core value and everyday brand, Cadillac as the luxury/aspirational brand and GMC as its commercial vehicles brand.

As it is, the Holden brand is now too damaged to recover from. It needs to go and be rebranded as Chevrolet. Bring in Cadillac as the luxury arm it sorely needs.

There is no room for sentimentality any more; GM has shown that it just doesn’t care.