“I predict our next Commodore will be Chinese”

Brian Wood, via email

I’m not sure why there was a need to state Holden is safe after the announcement that PSA Group would buy Opel/Vauxhall (‘2018 Holden Commodore falls into French ownership’,

Given the local manufacturing question has been addressed, Holden is just an import, distribution and marketing outfit and GM is hardly likely to walk away from selling 4000 vehicles a month. But they also will not have an appetite for continuing to fund PSA, so although the current Astra and new Insignia/Commodore supply is safe (accepting the glacial pace at which things are done in the automotive world), well come in for an early Where will ‘our’ next Commodore come from then?

South Korea may have been option if GM had the ambition, courage and foresight of, , it may review. hen? een an bition, say, Kia (no indication of that) it pretty much leaves North America or China. It’s unlikely the numbers would stack in favour of North America to provide a volume seller, I believe we can confidently predict our next ‘Commodore’ will be Chinese – a rebadged Buick Regal perhaps? Get to the idea. t) so rth nlikely k up ca er, so ntly dore’ dged et used

“I predict our next Commodore will be Chinese”