“Strangely, the motorways of Europe are not littered with bodies”

Ian Duncan, Wollongong NSW

On a recent holiday I drove really fast, regularly doing 130- 160km/h, occasionally 200km/hplus.

Compounding my craven recklessness, there was frequent heavy traffic, snow, and my family was onboard. Okay, it was in Europe, notably Germany.

Surely, however, the same risk factors apply, and according to our local authorities ‘speed kills’. Strangely, the motorways of Europe aren’t littered with bodies, and Germany’s fatality rate is some 20 percent lower than ours.

My European experience driving 4000km at high speed when appropriate and in challenging conditions has highlighted the fallacy of our authorities’ speed-limit obsession. It also highlighted the immaturity and poor awareness of many Australian drivers. Maybe these factors are linked – if governments regulate assuming drivers are idiots without any effort to up-skill, then maybe nothing will change?

“Strangely, the motorways of Europe are not littered with bodies”