Adam Gurnett, via email

It’s with a tear in my eye I read the interview with Mark Bernhard (‘Leading the Pride’, Redline, March) knowing the death knell has rung. In truth it was rung about 10 to 15 years ago when Holden focused its time and resources on designing and building thirsty large cars for the perceived majority of Australians who loved the Ford v Holden Bathurst rivalry and the next day at work would boast they made the right choice depending on who won. In truth, most Australians swapped the can of VB for coffee and footy shorts for designer attire long ago. Holden never saw the writing on the wall.

If only we could design a quality small car with futuristic tech; it would have sold a bucket load and, unlike the sad, uninspiring Cruze, we could have exported to the world.

Australians bought Holden Commodores as they were designed and made here.

Labelling the next generation a Commodore is like calling your new puppy the same name as your old, faithful, dead dog. It’s just bad taste.