Shookie Basu Roy, Strathfield, NSW

It’s been almost three decades of drooling over your magazine.

Since I saw the white Nissan Exa grace the covers way back in March 1987, I was drawn to metal on four bits of rubber.

Today, finally, with a Porsche Boxster GTS snug in our garage, I say thank you for blessing me with a somewhat corrupt ideology of happiness.

With the top down, the sun out and a flat-six belting the exhausts, Putty Road has never felt so alive and sensual. And neither has the road to Cottage Point, Bells Line Of Road, the ’Gong via the Royal National Park and Sea Cliff Bridge – or, come to think of it, just about any tunnel in Sydney.

So now my wife and I truly live the joy of motoring.

Yet I would never have known such a sublime state had I not starved through lunch for two weeks to save up those three dollars back in primary school...

Muchos Gracias.