Ron Glanville, Woodend, Vic

Like most Wheels readers I love and enjoy discussing their relative merits. However, I was recently challenged when asked by my non-enthusiast sister for opinion on which Golf-sized cars relat recen bym my o awards are for?

new car she should buy.

Talk of handling, power, torque, engine dynamics, etc made her eyes glaze over. I had to simplify things significantly and it also became obvious that it all comes down to the balance between price and the “quality” that the person perceives. Also, regarding price, current on-road prices can vary significantly from the list price.

This led me to develop four options: Best car (VW Golf); best quality-price compromise (Mazda 3); value for money (Kia Cerato); and next size down (Skoda Fabia wagon or Honda Jazz as boot space was important for her).

Perhaps a “dumbed down” comparison is something for Like most Wheels readers I love Wheels to consider in the future.

Or is that what your rivals’ awards are for?

That’s exactly what our annual Gold Star Value Awards aims to provide, Ron – Ed