Martin Player, Mullumbimby, NSW

I AGREE with David Fluellen (Inbox, May) about the lack of full-size spares in modern cars, and itís up to local head offices and dealers to do something about it.

Australia is a completely different proposition to Europe, Japan and North America with our huge distances, lack of infrastructure and generally appalling roads.

I had considered buying an Audi A4 or A6 Allroad but, counter-intuitively, neither have a spare of any sort. This is a complete deal-breaker as far as Iím concerned, as we enjoy back-country motoring.

I donít want to be stuck in the middle of nowhere at 9pm waiting for help to arrive, pay for a tow truck and wait for days as they try to get the right tyre delivered to Woop Woop.

I think Iíll wait for the new Passat Alltrack to arrive with its full-sized spare. Not as flash, but a lot cheaper and much more sensible.