Lamborghini watch


Time is not always on your side

WATCHES are something Ė like free beer or sport Ė that every man on the planet is apparently fascinated with. This is the only way to explain the amount of coverage they get in menís interest magazines; even car magazines run pages about them, such is the clamour for chronographical news.

Combine a watch with a car brand, of course, and youíve got a double score, which explains why you so often see Formula One drivers in strange advertisements where they pose looking deep and thoughtful (which theyíre not), wearing chunky watches across the backs of their hands.

Sometimes it goes wrong, though, as it sadly has with Lamborghini. Take, for example, the Spyder range of watches from Tonino Lamborghini (Tonino is the son of company founder Ferruccio) with a construction featuring numerous auto-inspired details, mainly garish leather bands, lots of little dials and a face shaped like a guitar pick (presumably meant to be in the style of the Lamborghini logo).

This watch will set you back at least $2000, but it will set your sense of personal style back far further, because it really is quite awful.

Itís not that all the Lamborghini watches are awful; some of them are just gauche. Designing awe-inspiring cars, it turns out, does not qualify you for the obviously highly competitive world of watch design.



Youíd hope the second hand was really loud, providing an air of ticking-timebomb excitement. The box it comes in is quite lovely


Itís not actually made in Italy. It will look gaudier on your wrist than a parrot that speaks only in pirating cliches.