Bugatti belt buckle


You've too much money and should be belted

SOMETIMES I accidentally alight upon the fashion pages of trendy, strangely androgynous menís magazines and what alarms me is not just the clothes they are wearing (dress shoes with shorts and no socks; on what planet did that happen?) but the absurd pricetags attached Ė $1200 ďslacksĒ, $800 shirts, ties for $300 for Godís sake.

Even these prices look reasonable, however, once youíve taken in the mysterious majesty of the Bugatti x Roland Iten Belt Buckle, which will set you back a slacks-sapping $100,000.

Yes, weíll grant you, it looks pretty special, although not quite six-figures special, and thereís only 44 of them in the world. And the fact that it uses a ratcheting mechanism inspired by watchmaking techniques to tighten your belt without the need for ugly, daggy holes must be a real conversation starter when youíre standing at some gold-plated urinal.

But still, $100,000?

Bugatti would like us to point out that it features hand-crafted bridges, cogs, wheels, springs and pinions and that itís made from rose gold, titanium and stainless steel, and features sapphire crystals. But really, $100,000?

Clearly this is for the man who owns not just one Veyron but a whole fleet, presumably platinum-plated.

On the plus side, I was once refused entry to a country and western bar in Texas, for not having a belt buckle. This one would blow them away.



Itís a Bugatti, so it does your pants up faster than any other belt buckle, and it matches your car. Who doesnít want that?


Youíve been fleeced $100K for something even smaller than your fat wallet. And if you donít own a Bugatti, youíll look a right dick.