Porsche pipe


Getting high by design

YOU would hope we were talking about an exhaust pipe here, and selling Porsche-branded ones wouldn’t be an entirely silly idea, but what we’re actually looking at is, effectively, a Porsche Bong.

Listed on the Porsche Design website in the “useful things” section, this fiercely expensive $2400 “shisha pipe” looks very much like what the well-heeled might use to ingest the smoke of the cannabis sativa plant.

Yes, it is at least theoretically possible that the people who buy this bong-resembling device only use it to imbibe apple-flavoured tobacco, and that it is mainly aimed at Arabian markets, where passing the peace pipe implies something quite legal and even pleasant. But you’d have to admit, looking at it, that there’s a better than even chance that some people are using this no doubt brilliantly engineered device to assist them in breaking the law, and subsequently being led to ingest copious amounts of chocolate, and Lamborghini energy drinks, as a result.

It’s probably just a sign of things to come, of course, with two large American states – Colorado and Washington – making marijuana entirely legal in recent times, while California turns a medically blinded eye to the practice.

Perhaps, as is so often, Porsche is ahead of the curve here.



If you happen to own an actual Porsche as well, it will get you to the shop for munchies very quickly


Cynical types might accuse Porsche of promoting the smoking of what are still largely illegal substances.