Jeep Stroller


For taking a stroll on the Rubicon

MUCH like the strangely popular vehicles they boldly try to emulate, Jeep Strollers very rarely actually head off-road, unless you count the slightly sparse grass on the way to the softly surfaced, OH&S-approved park where Jackson and Sophia (the most popular baby names of 2014, folks) go each day to sit and play on their mumsí iPhones.

Yet, like the cars, these baby Jeeps are designed to look rugged, reassuringly army-coloured and ready for action, although just what kind is hard to say.

On the plus side, they do have excellent cupholders for the slightly frazzled dipso Dad.

While 85 percent of car-buying decisions are now allegedly either made or influenced by women, Iíd like to know how many Jeep Stroller purchases are made or influenced by men, because who else would be so desperately keen for their offspring to have a steering wheel in front of them from day one?

This decision to make the Jeep baby carriage look like a mobile toy may be a cutesy coup, but itís a kind of brand-cheapening one, and seems daringly close to naff.

The simple fact is that in a market where Bugaboo prams are the Nike/Audi/Apple of pram ownership Ė which gives them the right to charge prices of staggering stupidity Ė a Jeep Stroller looks cheap, nasty and too uncool for school.



The chunky cupholders, because if you werenít a drinker before you had kids, you soon will be.


Everyone at the park is sniggering behind your back, wondering when the pram will break down.