Bugatti eau de toilette


Taking the stink out of stinking rich

OKAY, sure, the Hummer mansmell idea on the previous spread seems just a tiny bit less absurd when considered next to the existence of another car-branded cologne, from Bugatti.

Thereís no denying that there might be some attraction in smelling like the inside of a $1.3 million supercar Ė if itís possible to bottle rarefied air Ė and the fastest one ever created at that, in the hope that some slightly shallow woman might find you more marriage material as a result.

What really makes this scent feel appropriately premium, however, is the packaging; your bottle of smelly stuff turns up in a special twisty gold holder within a carbonfibre briefcase.

You can just see some oligarchís poor assistant having to lug that thing around all day, just in case the boss decides heís not smelling wondrous enough at any given moment.

There are cheaper Bugatti colognes available, but of course you will want the absurdly priced one, which does, at least, genuinely reflect high-end brand values. The top-end Bugatti cologne will set you back a stinking rich $2750 a bottle.

Clearly thatís pocket change for the uber-rich, but just as clearly itís a massive rip-off, and surely the hugely rich didn't get that way by just throwing money away. Perhaps it's a hobby you take up when youíve got too much of the stuff.



What did you say it cost?

I didnít notice. Iím a Bugatti customer and numbers have lost all meaning for me.

Unless theyíre on a tax bill


Anything this expensive would want to smell so fabulous that women around you will swoon at the first sniff of the stuff.