Porsche Design Blackberry

When classic doesnít mean you rock

PORSCHE seems like a cuttingedge company, and a pretty cool one at that, but it has a strange relationship with technology.

For years, even after the invention of Bluetooth, it kept a little slot in the dash of its cars where you could jam in your SIM card, turning the car into your mobile phone, as long as you didnít mind the immense fiddliness of switching the damn thing back and forth.

So it should come as no surprise that the companyís Porsche Design brand has forged a relationship with the almost wilfully old-school Blackberry.

Itís possible that Porsche owners prefer the button-heavy approach, or it might be that its style gurus havenít caught on to the fact that the days of phones with actual buttons have sailed.

Regardless, Porsche Design is sticking with the Betamax Blackberry brand, which prefers to be called ďiconic and timelessĒ, upgrading its P-9983 as recently as last year and getting away with charging a hefty $2000 for it to boot.

For that money you get custom Porsche wallpaper and a branded watch face, and buttons with the same font found in your 911, as well as a certain undeniably bold, blunt style aesthetic.

Thereís no doubt the Porsche Design Blackberry looks and feels special, but it also looks like it would have felt more special, and more relevant, in the Noughties.

And having kids ask what the hell a Blackberry is canít be anything but annoying.



Itís got buttons, which make typing emails easier than using a screen. So there.

You silly smartphone users have it all wrong


Your brandís about classic style mixed with modernity, but it only makes sense if youíre still in the original Boxster. Drinking Sub Zero.