Renaultsport Megane 275

Limited-run special ups the hot-hatch ante even further


ANOTHER day, another bloody limited-edition Renaultsport I hear you say? Well, considering they’re so frigging brilliant to drive, the more the better I say.

This 275 Trophy is the most powerful road-going Megane yet.

Limited to 100 units in Australia – 50 in Liquid Yellow, 50 in Pearl White – the 275 Trophy derives its name from the 275PS (metric horsepower) it produces, which is 10PS up on the already-scorching and scalpel-sharp 265.

Thanks to a re-programmed ECU and a (4kg-lighter) titanium exhaust by Akrapovic, the Trophy’s 2.0-litre turbo scores a chubbier mid-range and, if you jab the RS button on the lower right side of the dash, a barkier exhaust note. In fact, it’s only when you hit the RS switch that you enjoy the engine’s extra power, as well as meatier steering weight and a broader ESC threshhold.

Hold the button down and Race mode comes into play, which removes ESC and allows you to tune throttle sensitivity via the centre screen’s RS Monitor, all of which is great for track days.

In the city, however, the Trophy works best in Sport with the throttle at Normal. In that set-up, it not only feels super-sharp and effortlessly thrusty, but also addictively vocal on overrun, mixed with an astoundingly liveable ride for such a stiffly suspended car. Massive doors and big turning circle aside, I could live with the hot Megane every day and never complain.

Superb seats, too, backed by a useable back seat and a big boot.

It’s sports, sex and (kind of) sense.