Malcolm McEwen, via email

IF YOU had your choice of travelling companion, who would you sit next to on a long flight? Iíd take the centre seat and have Michael Stahl on one side and Peter Robinson on the other. Those are two scribes Iíve long wanted to meet.

I was waiting in the coffee queue at a car show recently when I spied someone I thought might be Stahly. I wasnít too sure, but a tentative, ďAre you...Ē received an affirmative response. Iíd bought two coffees, and Michael hadnít yet joined the queue. When I offered him my spare he gave me a hug. The man needs his caffeine.

He showed me the yet-tobe- released AMG S63 Coupe heíd driven to the show and introduced me to some other luminaries of motor publishing. It was great to see these guys Ė professionals of the trade Ė out among us hoi polloi at a suburban car show.

So thank you, Stahly, for making a car tragicís day. Hope to bump into you, or Robbo, or some of the other Wheels scribes, at a future event.

Turn to page 72, Malcolm. You may be in one of the pictures!