Michael Wilson, via email

ALTHOUGH I have never been able to see well enough to get a licence, the desire to drive has never left me and I still ache every day of my life to do so, as I have since a young child.

Wheels has allowed me to live my life of driving vicariously via the utterings of many a journalist. So it truly saddens me after so many years of feeling like part of Wheels (not that anyone there would know) I feel compelled to write for the first time and that this first contact is to criticise.

Not just the BMW i3, but any car that is close to undetectable to unsuspecting pedestrians should not even be given consideration for the Car of the Year award, let alone win it.

This fault is worse for people who are vision impaired and rely on an approaching vehicle’s sound to detect them.

Magazines such as Wheels should not award poor safety; they should play their part in forcing change.

BMW says the i3 has a speaker mounted behind the front bumper that generates an audible “low electronic hum” below 30km/h.