13 Ed’s letter

16 Redline

Holden’s V8 Yank attack; Australia Day in Detroit; Interview with Buick crayon king; turbo wagons prepare for war

28 Marketplace

What’s hot, what’s not

30 The Hook

Brand value rationalised

32 Inbox

Readers’ writes

34 Carey

Designers beware

36 Corby

Old, fat, faster

38 Mark Webber

Sharing’s caring

61 Head-to-head

Renault Clio v Peugeot 308

120 Our garage

Long-termers a-go-go

130 Showroom

Open all hours

158 Classic Wheels

Donald Campbell, Bluebird and Lake Eyre

160 Retro: Honda S800

Old man Honda’s favourite

162 Wheelstories

Ex-chef cleans up