Rick Hodge Perth WA

I enjoyed reading about past Australian police cars in the last edition. Itís interesting to note that the current Holden Caprice V8 has been exported to the United States as police cars for some years now. The American police have always had a penchant for good V8, rear wheel drive patrol cars (cruisers). At last count 15,460 Australian Caprices had been exported to the USA. Up to 3900 per month have been delivered at times. Seems to me, itís a great pity our domestic car building industry is coming to an end, particularly when we can Ďsell snow to the eskimosí. Here are some working examples: Keep up the good work. n es rs nt ve n d d g

ED Youíve touched on another unfortunate outcome of the loss of local manufacturing, Rick. You canít help suspecting our political masters didnít do the sums.