Geoff Scard Morayfield Qld

Although I am mainly a Ford man, I read with interest the article in Aprilís UC magazine about the mighty little LC GTR Torana.

Many years ago I drove one with a 186 Holden donk and was quite impressed despite the carís tendency to step sideways, if the throttle is given a stab. Fun!

I noticed four autograph signatures on the Glove Box lid. Iím very curious, is there any chance you could tell me who signed them? One signing looked vaguely like Peter Brockís name !

I have Craig Lowndesí signature on the glove-box lid of my í66 íStang (from when he drove Fords) so I wondered which champions signed on the Torana. Iíve started reading the May issue now, which arrived in mailbox yesterday, so that will shut me up for a while.

Great mag guys!

ED The Brock signature is Bevís, Geoff, along with Colin Bond, Ian Tate and Bob Morris. A pretty impressive honour roll, I reckon.