J R Willyer Yanco

I just thought Iíd drop you a line on your excellent Triumph TR8 article in the January edition. I agree with your comments completely.

The profile of the car to my eye is superb Ė the ultimate wedge style. Going back, I saw the coupe TR7 at our local Nissan dealer around 1980. Somehow the styling didnít look right (perhaps it would have been better as a fastback). As we all know, the Convertible never came to Australia. I remember hearing that John Thomson Sports Cars was waiting on it but it didnít come. Alas now the affordable British sports car has gone with the TR8.

If they were on the market now, Iíd buy one because I like their bumper bars. To me somehow todayís cars donít look right without them.

Theyíre certainly needed around supermarket parking lots where small damage is done.