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IT’S HARDLY surprising that we get to know our local heroes quite well based on the more or less continuous drip-feed of information from the celebrity-obsessed media that covers what’s happening across their lives, be it on the track, in business or in their ‘private’ lives.

With international racing identities we struggle to see a larger picture about them than what’s available in the coverage of the particular motosport category that we happen to follow.

So for example for many of us, when we’ve heard the name Parnelli Jones over the years, we think of him mainly as an Indianapolis 500 champion.

But there is so much more to Parnelli Jones, and it’s brought out beautifully by the Unique Cars feature by Howard Walker on this giant of American car racing. It covers his exploits in all forms of speedway action, desert racing, super saloons, open-wheelers and the car he’s best remembered for – his 302 Trans-Am Boss Mustang.


AS WE LOOK back wistfully at the end of the golden era of automotive manufacturing in Australia, Holden’s dominant place in the scheme of things here is hard to argue against regardless of tribal or brand-loyalty positions. They started the whole high-volume, Ozzie family-car shebang off way back in 1948, after all.

With everything that’s happened in recent years with various local and imported GM V8s taking pride of place under Holden bonnets, it’s easy to forget that they managed quite nicely, thank you very much, with six-cylinder engines alone until 1968, and then continued to offer them as well as the glamorous bent eights for many years.

This Unique Cars ‘Six for Six – Our Top Holden Six Stories’ set of features provides all the low-down on Holden’s trusty sixes.

It’s about Holden sixes on the track and on the road. It’s about the legendary ‘grey’ motor and the many iterations of the sexier ‘red’ motor. And it’s about turbos. It’s all there.


WHEN ANDY ENRIGHT washed up on our shores and joined the Unique Cars team Peter Brock’s name wasn’t unknown to him by any means. Anyone working in automotive journalism with a brief that includes motorsport will have been aware of our home-grown hero’s legendary achievements in Australian Touring Car competition, pretty much regardless of the country they’re located in.

Once he settled in, Andy’s curiosity led him to learn a bit more about Brocky’s range of activities.

This research included part of Brock’s CV that many of us might have forgotten about, or even missed at the time as we focussed on our favourite local events. Andy’s feature about Brock’s involvement in the world’s premier endurance road race, the Le Mans 24 Hour fills in lots of gaps in our knowledge and sets the record straight on a number of issues.

What can we conclude from Brock’s three trips to Le Mans?

Andy answers that question and more.

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