Sandra Bullock’s ex-husband, founder of West Coast Choppers, collector of Nazi memorabilia, and fi ghting dog breeder, Jesse James has offered for sale the pride of his car collection, an ultrarare 1944 Volkswagen/KDF Type 82e. The paperwork supplied with the car suggests that this was Luftwaffe head honcho Hermann Goering’s car, although it’s unlikely the corpulent Nazi ever travelled a klick in the thing, instead ordering them through his offi ce for commanders in the fi eld.

The Type 82e is derived from the wartime Kubelwagen.

While mechanically related to the stock KDF (Type 60), the Kubelwagen got a portal axle at the back end to afford some additional ride height, allowing for the fi tment of more rugged tyres and also a low-ratio gearbox. Designed to transport offi cers around the battlefi eld, only 669 Type 82e models were built before Germany capitulated, with production being taken up by the British, who modifi ed and improved the car with the fi tment of a trick roller on the front bumper to help the car clamber over obstacles.

James claims that the car is 90 per cent original with 100 per cent original paint, with matching numbers and an original transmission. And the price? Well it was recently listed on eBay for a cool A$680,000, so if you fancy a car with an ‘interesting’ history, you know where to go.