Hi all. Heartiest congrats on a really informative and interesting magazine. I look forward to each month’s instalment with great anticipation and eagerness.

I have been super impressed with your giveaway cars and in particular that lovely Torana which is set to be delivered to a very lucky winner indeed.

A couple of things, don’t let Morley out of your sight... pay him anything he asks.

He’s great value, very humorous and above all extremely good with tech stuff; much appreciated. I wonder how his early girl Commodore project is progressing?!

Secondly, might I offer a suggestion for the next giveaway car. How about a replica VC Brock Commodore in tuxedo black with all the correct trimmings, those gorgeous Irmscher alloys, upgraded brake package, super strong gearbox, driveline and engine… possibly a little sleeperish overall.

I reckon that’d warm the cockles of the heart of a few fellow car followers! I leave it to your vivid imaginations... could Uncle Phil’s be arm twisted into it?

Thanks for listening.

: Cheers, Dave – sorry – Simon. We keep delivering what you guys are asking for and it looks to be working.

The numbers are on the up so we can keep paying Morley’s invoices and rescue another old Commodore. Project Duckshit? Check this month’s instalment for details on how Morley’s latest Google search query is “bushes”. Great suggestion on the VC Brock. Phil’s currently taking a bit of a break from project cars but you can’t keep a good man down.