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WE NEVER HEAR the end of it.

“What’s with all this editorial? Where are all the classifieds?” you holler, cap-up and hurl in a tirade of buy-sell savagery. Well, good UC folk. You can now stick your classifieds up on our website (tradeuniquecars.com. au) and in this very rag for absolutely nothing. No catch-22s, no fine print, no bull.

If you want more cars, parts, novelty plates and all the rusty bonnets and wonky switchgear you’ve been looking out for since you backed into the garage door last Christmas, TradeUniqueCars.com. au and your beloved Unique Cars magazine have got you covered.

Whatever you’re selling will stay put, for zero moolah, until it’s sold.

You’re welcome. Now please, send us a friendly email and don’t say we don’t look after you mob.


CLIFF HAS SEEN every model of SS Commodore and will give you all the info you’ll ever need to go hunting for your next Lion. Just don’t give it the Walter Palmer treatment.

This Buyer’s Guide focuses on the later cars, from VN to VZ, where you’ll find fuel injection, IRS and traction control, as well as varying degrees of luxury, plastic bits and sportiness crammed into a base model Commodore for some tail-happy action and refinement through evolution.

You’ll also see some iconic SS press shots and Wheels/Motor magazine archival photography our colleagues past and (somehow still) present would rather forget. And a choice of seat fabric GMH probably regret. We all have our favourites when it comes to the SS so scan the QR code below and pick yours.


OUR VERY OWN Mary Lee, Digital Content Producer, sometime Porsche driver and a revhead through and through, found herself at the Porsche 356 Parade in St. Kilda Road on her weekend in December and got snapping some of Stuttgart’s finest examples of the immortal 356 and the benchmark 911.

If you’re into Google searches of exotic German model photography, then flop out your smartphone and aim it directly at the QR code.

If you get caught, just tell them the parade was all for the benefit of Deaf Children Australia, who hosted the event on their lawns.

Getting access to this cornucopia of the cars that American satirist and journalist P J O'Rourke famously described as ass-engined Nazi slot cars, makes this well worth a look see.

Jawohl indeed.