Tow Jam

Jack Culshaw

I thought you guys would appreciate the argument I had recently. Every Christmas with my mates Tony and Aaron, we go for a weekend drive; take a boat, jet skis and a tonne of camping gear, stay somewhere, and come home. We’re always changing cars but seem to have taken a liking to our current cars. Over a couple we got onto the topic of fast tow cars like ours. We chuckled at the idea of Lambos and Astons with D-shackles dangling at the back, but I got in early and stuck the case for my HSV GTS, and Aaron dribbles something about how “Nothing pulls like a supercharged V8 Falcon,” which I assume he said in reference to his XR8. Tony then tried putting the case for his E63 AMG, except that it cost him over two and a half grand to fit a tow bar through M-B! It’s also funny that he paid $250K. My tow bar was $1500 fitted, and Ford threw theirs in with the XR8 for Aaron; the Aussie cars just behave themselves, pulling smoothly all the way, and are just as comfortable. But the Merc, even laden, will still spin its wheels with 800Nm of torque if you give it too much loud pedal.

Question is, how far is too far, for a tow car? Pics are emerging on the web now of Teslas with hitches for goodness sake!

ED: Two and a half large for a tow bar? We’d rather spend that on Merc’s millimetre-thick granite dash finish. Or not.

Whichever way, you’ve got us all pondering the possibility of a Tesla towing a double-wide full of batteries.