A Good Investment?

Iíve been keeping an eye on the classic car market and was looking to invest but Iím not really sure where I should put my money. I recently saw an advertisement for an investment trust that put your money into shares in classic cars, claiming that it delivered a better return than the stock market or property. Is this the case?

Iím not the sort of person who can afford to take a big financial hit but donít want to miss the boat.

Ryan Dallatt Toowoomba ED: Thereís nothing riskier than the widespread perception that there is no risk, Ryan! Weíd steer well clear of these schemes.

When the mass market jumps aboard a niche investing opportunity, everything tends to go belly-up. The bubble might not have burst but itís looking shaky. Weíve seen some real top drawer cars fail to reach reserve at auction recently which is a major warning sign. Iíve spoken to a few owners of high-end cars and the market feels like a game of musical chairs right now.

Some are going to be left standing and it could come sooner than they thought.