Cheap Thrills

Ruben Yawell

Dear Andy, I thoroughly enjoyed your story on the new baby McLaren 570S and I think it begs the question, speaking of entry-level supercars, for a seat-of-yourpants driving experience, what would you recommend buying or looking at?

Around the 50K mark, or less, that gives you a similar level of excitement without the carbon-fibre price tag. I figured somewhere between R32 Skyline and a hot Porsche 928 maybe? Your thoughts or suggestions are greatly appreciated. What am I missing? Any gems Iíve overlooked? I also wouldnít mind a dollop of reliability in that recipe, so something German or Japanese are my first inklings. Track days are not out of the question.

ED: Fifty grand buys you a big slug of fun if you aim it in the right direction.

Being a notorious tightwad, Iíd be looking at used cars that arenít going to lose a stack of money, so factor in the BMW E46 M3, the Mazda RX-7 Spirit R, the Porsche 968 Sport/Club Sport and the BMW Z3 M Coupe. Iíd also be tempted by an unmolested Skyline R32 GT-R V-Spec. If youíre willing to stretch the budget a little, a Lotus Exige will drive around the lot of these on track and provide that authentic mid-engined baby supercar experience. Budget to overhaul tyres, shocks and bushes if youíre looking at track time and carefully consider your initial choice. Beating a big GT car like a Porsche 928 around a circuit is always going to generate some eye-watering bills.