Daniel Peachey, email

HEY guys, it was cool to read the Legend write-up on Wayne Pagel (SM, Jun ’17). I grew up going to Calder, so when the pro street scene came over here in the 80s I was loving it! Although Rob Beauchamp had everyone covered with the detail (the chassis on that VL was unbelievable), cars like Phil Rillotta’s LC and Wayne’s GAS69 Monaro just had ‘the look’. Low, black and chrome, tubbed with Weld wheels and blown and injected, Wayne’s HT is one of the best cars I’ve ever seen! If he’s talking about building it again, then for God’s sake someone get him another shell!

And what the hell ever happened to Phil Rillotta’s Torana anyway?

HEY Dan, we hear that Phil’s Torana is getting a rebuild!