Eddie O, email

I WAS going through old photos and found this (above). Itís a pic of my HD Holden X2 I used to have in the mid-60s to early 70s. The car culture/street scene was booming back then, even though it was grassroots and very localised.

Sixes ruled; apart from a few Ford Y-block guys, most people ran Holdens, with a few Falcons thrown in. That HD was an Everything Car: raced nearly every weekend, driven to work all week, and prowled around Sydney and the Blue Mountains on Friday nights.

Best I could do at Castlereagh was mid-16s in its earlier guise with a single-wheeler diff and three-speed. By the time I sold it, it had a 192 Waggott motor, triple SUs, M21 four-speed, full Heasman suspension etc, but naturally when the XU-1s and Falcon GTs arrived it was outclassed overnight. Still wonderful times though, so free and with none of todayís restrictions.

I could rave on for hours about those times, but that was then, and now Iím 70 in a few months and just about to start building an XC Falcon Iíve had waiting to go in the shed when I finish my current car trailer project.