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AT 19 years of age, Shane Jones turned his focus away from the surfing circuit and towards a well-worn Cyan 1971 LC GTR Torana that had sat in his parents’ driveway for far too long. After an extensive resto, he ended up with this sweet Sebring Orange road rocket, complete with the extra power of a fully legal V8. The bodywork was a collaboration between Bel Air Custom Paint & Panel and Ferrace Auto Body, and Bel Air also took care of the paint. Fifteen years after work was completed, the Torana still looks factory fresh. Keeping the Torry looking original was important to Shane, with the only departure inside being the addition of a monster tacho. Shane’s dad suggested slotting a suitably warmed-over 253 V8 between the chassis rails, as well as upgrading to a V8-spec Aussie four-speed cog-swapper.

A VS Commodore was cannibalised for its third member, shortened to suit the GTR’s narrower track. All four of the Commodore’s rotors and calipers were swapped across too. Thanks must go to Shane’s parents Steve and Felicity for their help and for storing the coupe for so long, his brother Jeremy for all his assistance, John and George Donis from Street Scene Automotive for their excellent mechanical work, and Brad at Scott’s Trimming for the period-perfect interior. Words & Photos: Brad Miskiewicz


“I BOUGHT my VH in December 2015 from a deceased estate. It was a one-owner car, painted beige, with a stock-standard 202 up front.

The car sat in our shed for three months before my husband Jason and I decided to get it ready for Beachfest in June 2016. We got stuck in every night, and stripped it bare to find an immaculate body. First job was paint; as Jason is a spray painter, I was now his apprentice, and after four weeks the car was silver! I got the Weld Super Lites as a Valentine’s Day present, so they went on as well. I wanted a nicesounding cruiser, so out came the 202 and we put in a 308 with some Aeroflow dress-up bits, a small hydraulic camshaft and 600cfm vac Holley. My husband and his brother converted the Trimatic gearbox from six-cylinder to V8. The immaculate interior was too nice to pull out, so I left it standard. We finished it all in 16 weeks, and I love it. We attend local car meets and cruise it most weekends. I couldn’t have done it without my awesome husband and all our car mates that helped out in the build.” Photos: Steve Kelly


“HERE are some pics of my daily driver. I’d been driving a HiLux mini-truck for a long time, which has served me well (racing, motocross etc). But I got sick of only seeing 4WDs and Camrys in traffic; I had some mint, cool old Holdens back in the day, but I was driving a Toyota, so I was part of the problem, right? So last year I got this, a full grandpaspec HZ Kinger. I’ve fixed up tons of little things so I can drive it every day, including tucking the exhaust up out the way so I could get the ride height how I wanted it. She drives beautifully, and the kids love it! Now let’s just hope it’s as reliable as a HiLux!”


“I BOUGHT my ’57 about 15 years ago from a guy in Beechboro, WA. It was an American import, running a Blue Flame six with a three-on-the-tree. The plan was to do a complete body-off-chassis rebuild, and after five years’ work it now runs a 454 big-block, backed by a Turbo 400.

The exterior paint is Venetian Red, while inside there’s full leather trim and electric windows. Rims are 18x9 on the front and 18x10 out back. A huge thanks to my brother Gino, who gave up his weekends in my factory, Angelo for the interior, Eddie, and my wife Tanya.”