THE 12-Drawer Top Chest & Roller Cabinet Combo is Sidchromeís latest tool storage system, perfect for larger workshops or the home garage, with an overall size of 1150x570x1800mm. The top chest features a four-point powerboard to charge your power tool batteries, phones and accessories, and it also comes with a pull-out MDF work surface. Made of heavy-gauge steel for durability and strength, the unit features a polyester/epoxy powdercoat and is UV-resistant. Priced at $1498, itís available from Bunnings Warehouse stores. For more information, head to



AN ELECTRIC fuel pump has to be fairly efficient to feed 1250hp without burning out. Thatís where FUELABís new High Efficiency Twin-Screw Fuel Pump comes in. The twin-screw rotor design efficiently moves fuel where it has to go while drawing less current. Compatible with pump fuel, diesel, methanol and ethanol, the pumpís design offers greater resistance to fuel cavitation. Flowing 500lph at 45psi and 13.5V, a maximum operating pressure of 125psi is available. For more information on FUELAB products, visit



The HAFCO Tool Cabinet Seat is just the thing for tinkering on your pride and joy. With a large padded seat for comfort, three storage drawers and a rear tool storage rack to keep your tools close at hand, and foldable magnetic side trays to make sure nuts and bolts donít go walkabout, itís chock-a-block with handy features. It rides on four swivel wheels so you can manoeuvre, rotate or reposition yourself with ease without the need to get up. For a limited time, get the HAFCO Tool Cabinet Seat for only $75 when you buy online and use the promo code SMGRUNT. Terms and conditions may apply. Visit your local Hare & Forbes Machineryhouse showroom, or buy online at



BLUEWIRE Automotiveís LS engine-start dash panels with 30mm billet buttons are great for hot rods, show cars and street cars alike. The system has a safety lock-out in that it will only function when the footbrake is being applied, preventing accidental start-ups. Illumination is configured so that it is active when the button is pushed and while the ignition is on.

For more information visit or call Bluewire Automotive on 0422 392 797.



HALTECH has yanked the covers off its new Elite 1000 ECU, which fills a gap in the current line-up and provides a suitable replacement for the soon-to-be-discontinued Platinum Series Sport 1000. The Elite 1000 is positioned between the Elite 550 and Elite 1500, and is aimed at tuners who want more features than the Elite 550 offers but donít need all the additional race functions available in the Elite 1500.

Priced from $1745 for the ECU only; $1995 with a Basic Universal Wire-in Kit; or $2145 with a Premium Universal Wire-in Kit. For more information, visit or call (02) 9729 0999.



THE Aeroflow Brake Flaring Tool is the fastest way to get a professional single or double flare, every time. This easy-to-use flare tool comes with six assorted metric and imperial dies (for 45-degree flares), including the popular 3/16-inch brake line, which requires a double flare to meet ADR standards. This flaring tool produces convex and double flares to SAE and DIN standards, while the smooth die doesnít mark the tubing. If youíd like to see this tool in action, head to Aeroflowís YouTube channel. For more information, call Rocket on (02) 8825 1900, or visit



BLACK is the new black! Designed, developed and refined by the company that invented the race shifter, the Magnum Stealth Grip Pro Ratchet, Magnum Grip Pro Stick and Stealth Pro Ratchet shifters feature a contemporary carbonfibre-look aluminium finish, and are available to suit three- and four-speed transmissions. Easy to operate and install, they come supplied with a five-foot super-duty race cable. Ratchetshifting action with reverse lock-out means you will never miss a shift.

For more information contact Rocket Industries on (02) 8825 1900 or visit