WARREN Borg’s Chrysler 300 has been a flagship for the Mopar fraternity for some time now, with a gutsy blown Hemi under the hood. The 5.7-litre utilises a Manley rotating assembly with 9.8:1 forged pistons and customised factory heads with bigger valves. Factory headers have been ditched for a set of ceramic-coated TTI units from Modern Muscle, and the combination is swinging an F1A ProCharger with an eight-rib drive belt system.

Warren has the blower cranked right up and is jamming 18psi of boost through the smallblock, and on methanol the motor is pumping out over 800hp.

Fuel supply is via a Fore fuel hat, with three in-tank Walbro pumps feeding eight 1500cc injectors. The motor is tuned from the USA using DiabloSport software, and the gearbox is a beefed-up Southern Hotrod Viking unit with a TranZformer controller and custom TCM converter, with AMG paddle shifters. This thing really has all the gear!

A Driveshaft Shop shaft passes the mumbo through a Modern Muscle Getrag differential with 3.73 gears, and a set of monster Brembos all ’round.

In the quest to get the motor cranking well over 1000hp, the latest addition has been a Nitrous Outlet kit, mounted on an XV Motorsports four-barrel inlet manifold. The combination will be changed over to E85, and the three 255 in-tank pumps will be upgraded to Walbro 460s.

A ton of work has gone into making a new bonnet for the car with a steel cowl hood to clear the new nitrous set-up. Other mods include mini-tubs and a push-button removable front bar for track days.

As Warren wasn’t happy with the standard suspension, the car has been totally upgraded to coil-overs. All the gear changes and launch control can be pre-programmed so that you hit the sweet spot every time.

As well as looking the goods, this Mopar mauler really has the goods. As I write this, the motor is being tuned up on the bottle.

Stay tuned for more on this one! s b c in fr s t c