Michael Stolzenburg, email

I WOULD just like to let Simon Major know that there are others out there that feel his pain regarding helping drivers in trouble (Blowiní Gaskets, SM, Mar í17). But there are some of us that still stop and help, even of the new generation. I am 22 and I drive around in my modified Toyota 100-series Land Cruiser and do a lot of off-road camping and driving.

While camping and in the outback, if I stop and help people, they have always been friendly to me. In the middle of nowhere we all need to have each otherís backs and look out for one another.

Once you hit the suburbs and the cities, however, itís a different ballgame. I still always stop and help, but a lot of the time people are ungrateful, arenít willing to get their own hands dirty to save their own car, or are just rude.

But just remember the people who are grateful and happy when you stop to help. So many people just pass them on the road and it can really suck (I have been there myself when my first car died and no one offered to help me at all) and you feel all alone, isolated and embarrassed.

So helping out can be hard sometimes, yes, but hopefully one day if you ever need a hand someone will stop and help you too.