Rushov Bludd, email

AN ELDERLY lady went to the doctor for a check-up. The doctor completed his tests and told her everything looked fine. But then the old lady’s voice dropped to a whisper as she said: “Doctor, I haven’t had sex for years now, and I was wondering how I can increase my husband’s sex drive.”

The doctor smiled and asked: “Have you tried to give him Viagra?”

The lady frowned. “Doctor, I can’t even get him to take aspirin when he has a headache.”

“Well,” the doctor continued, “let me suggest something. Crush the Viagra into a powder and stir it into his coffee. He won’t notice a thing.”

The old lady was delighted, and immediately left to try this out.

Weeks later the old lady returned. “How did it go?” the doctor asked.

“Terribly, doctor, terribly,” the old lady replied.

“Did it not work?”

“Yes,” the old lady said, “it worked. I did as you said, and my husband got up and ripped his clothes off right then and there, and we made love on the table. It was fantastic.”

“Then what is the problem?”

“Well,” she said, “I’ll never be able to show my face in McDonald’s again.”