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“THIS is my HK Premier. Since I was 15 or so, I have always been into tough street cars and remember flipping through Van Wheels, which really kicked it off for me. I swapped my Pulsar for this Prem; it already had a Chev motor in it and I knew I had to build it into a tough streeter.

The car was maroon when I got it, so I started by repainting it in Glasurit Cyan Blue. After the body and paint were complete, I drove the car for a month, then the motor let go. As I began to rebuild the running gear my wife was diagnosed with cancer, so the build was put on hold. Two years later, my wife was cancer-free and it was time to get back into the HK. I built a 400ci small-block Chev with a solid camshaft, Dart heads and Pacemaker headers. The note isn’t obnoxious, but she’ll turn heads when I give it some stick. The manual Turbo 350 definitely helps for cruising. She pulls up a treat with HQ front discs and R31 Skyline discs out back, and rolls on Center Line Auto Drags; 15x3.5in fronts and 15x8.5in on the rear. Big thanks to my family and friends that helped throughout the build.”

Photos: Dan Browne


“THIS is my ’82 XE Falcon, a GL with every S-Pack option.

I came across it 12 months ago when a mate in western Queensland posted a pic of it on a buy, swap and sell page on Facebook. I shared his post around and no one wanted it, so it got the better of me and I decided to buy it and do something with it. It was a very straight and clean car to start with; it had some rust in the usual places that I cut out and replaced.

Then it was off for a respray. I had it lowered, as it had the big country pack springs; gave the 4.1 a full service; added some fresh redwalls and those seats, which I found on Gumtree.

It’s an awesome car to drive, as unlike my HQ it’s got a/c and power steering. Big thanks to Excel Panel & Paint, Toowoomba Steering & Suspension, Evan’s Trim Shop, Garden City Tyre & Mechanical and Gilroy’s Automatics.” Photos: Steve Kelly


“HERE are a couple of photos of my street rod that you might like to put in your great mag. I had it built 10 years ago now; it has fully independent front and rear suspension (front is Rod-Tech, rear is Commodore), a very warm 350 with four-bolt mains, roller rockers, roller cam, flat-top pistons, High Energy sump, and four downdraught Webers up top. It’s mated to a Turbo 700 transmission. It’s a beautiful car to drive; unfortunately I am going to sell it so I can build my home, but I also have a very nice AP6 Valiant that I am halfway through doing up, so I won’t be left without a nice car. I will send some photos of that as well when it is finished.”


WE LOVE a good classic wagon, and so does big-time Holden guy Michael James. He bought this HR a couple of years ago and gave the whole engine bay a birthday, including freshening up the 186 motor and installing a new Trimatic. The interior remains original and so does the paint. “I’m thinking about painting it, but it’s nice to just hop in and drive the family around without having to worry about wear and tear,” Michael says. “It’s a great family cruiser.” His partner Danica and daughters Harlow and Starla look like they agree!


“THOUGHT you might like some pics of my Beddy. It runs a 308 V8 with auto and a Ford diff centre in the rear.

She has an F100 front bumper, twin headlights and a Valiant grille, while the rear lights have been fitted inside the body for that smooth look. The van drives awesome, and I always look forward to cruising her — mostly on weekends, out and about with the Majestic Vanners Club of South Australia. I have been a vanner for 35 years and had over 20 Bedford vans — and I also have every copy of Street Machine and look forward to every issue.”