DANIEL Nunziante has just replaced the TH400 in his twin-turbo big-block radial Cortina with a new Reid-cased deal from Proform Race Transmissions in the US. His team is putting quarter-mile racing on hold for a while to concentrate on making the car quick over the first half of the track.

“Traditionally we make the front half soft and throw it all in on the back half, but we want to improve on our 1.14 in the 60ft and 2.95 to the 330ft mark,” Daniel says. “We are the fastest in the eighth on a radial with a 4.30, but by the end of the year we want to be in the 4.2s, maybe even the 4.1s.

“Sadly we have no spares, so we need to be more cautious,” he continues. “If we junk it we’re out for a while, but I think 1.12 in the 60 is achievable for us.”


WOLLONGONG racer Simon Kryger is back with another Torana, the ex-SUBTLE, ex-ARMED LH recently owned by Heath Doherty.

With the current engine earmarked for sale after the Winternationals, Kryger is toying with a second-hand but freshened 903ci Pat Musi deal that is worth around US$65,000. The motor makes 1750hp in aspirated trim and is advertised to make 2800hp with four nitrous kits.

“This new-style engine is good on maintenance and valve springs and comes with a couple of spare rods, rockers, lifters and pushrods,” Kryger says. “It comes dyno-tuned with EFI, so it’s a drop-in deal. Everyone is getting so busy these days so I need to learn about EFI myself. Some racers have gone away from turbo EFI combos as they need to rely on other people; I can’t do that, so if I go to the wall I will do something else.

“In years gone by you just had to pedal a car for power management; today there are so many ways to power-manage it’s easier to get big horsepower down the track. The Musi deal looks good to me, but if it doesn’t eventuate I will find another 800ci motor package.”