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HIGH-horsepower fuel-injected engines require a fuel pressure regulator that can provide adequate and consistent flow. Compatible with alcohol or petrol, Aeromotiveís A1000 Series EFI fuel pressure regulators deliver up to 100gph of fuel at pressures adjustable between 40 and 75psi. For predictable pressure control, the fuel pressure rises on a 1:1 ratio based on engine vacuum/boost. Three versions of the A1000 regulator are available, with Ė6, Ė8, or Ė10 AN inlets. All three models have a Ė6 AN return fitting, plus a 1/8in NPT fitting for adding an optional fuel pressure gauge. For more information visit



WHEN youíre not driving your street machine every day, itís common for the battery to drain flat without regular use Ė thatís why you need a battery charger! Designed in Australia, the Century CC1206 is an automatic 12V, 6A, nine-stage smart battery charger and maintainer. Itís suitable for charging batteries rated up to 120Ah and maintaining batteries rated up to 180Ah. This charger is designed to charge and maintain conventional 12V lead acid batteries. It features an advanced nine-stage charging process, where each stage has been designed to maximise charging performance and help extend battery life. The charger also incorporates a unique technology to repair heavily discharged batteries. For more information visit



LOOKING for a nine-inch diff for your car? Chances are the guys at Castlemaine Rod Shop can hook you up. They pump out nine-inch rear ends every day for a range of different vehicles, from old-school to new. All of their diffs come complete with 31-spline axles, a Truetrac centre with a ratio of your choice, Wilwood rear brake discs, three-inch-long, half-inch-thick ARP wheel studs and a smooth, 6mm-thick rear housing. These diffs are available from $4500 and come complete, ready to bolt into your car. For more information visit or call (03) 5472 2853.



PERFECT for mechanics, panel beaters or workshops, the MCW-47C 2-in-1 Mechanicís Creeper & Seat Combination is two tools in one. With a 1200mm-long backrest and only 130mm off the ground, itís low enough to allow access under vehicles without excessive jacking, and easily folds into a seat. With a 475mm seat height, it can also be used for taking a break, having a frothy one and evaluating the scope of the task at hand. A 40mm thick headrest keeps you comfortable, and six swivel wheels (four when in seat configuration) means that you can easily manoeuvre the creeper. Itís also sharply priced at $79.20 from Hare & Forbes Machineryhouse stores. Visit for more information.



THERE are areas of your carís paint finish that see more abuse than others: on the edge of doors and the boot lid, around the door handles, keyholes, and the bonnet latch are good examples. Mothers Scratch Remover works on any sort of paint and any sort of finish, to help restore high-mileage paint and remove surface scratches. This is a true polish, so be sure to chase it with the standard regiment of waxing to properly seal and protect. For more information visit



MOMO is drawing upon its 50 years of automotive history to launch the new MOMO Heritage line. With a number of re-released and retro-inspired designs set to hit the market in 2017, the MOMO Heritage line combines MOMOís motorsport pedigree with modern innovation to create high-end products for classic cars. Check out this awesome retro Grand Prix steering wheel, perfect for classic performance cars. Measuring 350mm diameter and combining mahogany construction with a timeless three-spoke design, itís the perfect wheel to maintain the heritage of your project car while updating the interior. For more information, visit or call (02) 8850 2200.



DONíT let the compact size of the MSD Blaster SS Coil fool you. The efficient E-core windings are designed to produce high amounts of current without sacrificing the voltage output. When used with an MSD 6 Series Ignition, the Blaster SS produces 300 milliamps with a maximum output of 40,000V. The Blaster SS features brass terminals and a sturdy Rynite housing. It is supplied with a 90-degree boot, terminal and vibration mounts. A great addition to CD Ignitions and some stock applications. More coils, and other MSD items to suit LS and other engines, are now available in black. Call Automotive Performance Distributors on (08) 8363 5566 or for more information.