James Robertson, via Facebook

SO I HAD this idea. I was thinking that it might be possible to put a Ford BA motor into a Centura and perhaps down the track put a turbo on it.

Can you give me some advice on whether this is achievable, or would it be way too hard?

I’m able to source a BA engine, wiring loom, computers, and automatic transmission for a grand, so the bulk of it could be bought fairly inexpensively, but I’m wondering if the rest of the work might be too hard to deal with.

HEY mate, our advice would be to start with an FG motor; they’re not much more expensive, but better for various reasons, including the rearhump sump. I haven’t measured a Centura to see if it would fit, but it should do.

Is it a good idea? It would sure make for a fun car! However, you’d need to be reasonably handy or be prepared to farm some of it out. It will always be at least as twice as expensive as you budget for; that is just the way it seems to work.

If you’re not particularly handy, why not keep your Centura as a Hemi-six, and if you want Barra turbo power, buy a BA/FG XR6T? Then you get the best of both worlds – a cool old cruiser and a fast modern car with all the luxuries that come with it. Probably for a similar price in the end and a lot less work. – Telfo