Christian McDougall, email

I AM 44 this year and have been reading Street Machine since I can remember, and I just felt compelled to drop you a line. My wife picked up the March issue for my 19-year-old sonís birthday, and I did a double-take when I saw a familiar sight on the cover, two names that have always stuck with me in the street machine scene: Howard Astill and Rock Solid!

It was great to see Howard and Rock 3 still in the game. The guyís my hero (next to Dick Johnson). As a fan of the XA-XC Falcon, I too am in my third XB rebuild under the house, along with my eldest sonís í71 Ford Escort rebuild and my youngest sonís í75 Holden Gemini project. I can report the next generation of street machiners is well on its way, and itís all thanks to inspiration from the likes of Howard Astill and SM magazine.

Thanks for the great article. Old school still rocks!