THAT is mega in terms of dollars, not horsepower.

Powercruise promotor Michael ‘Gup’ Gilbert usually likes his toys with plenty of poke, but his latest is all about originality, not destroying tyres. Purchased at Lloyds classic auction in March, Gup snaffled himself a dead-stock HT GTS Monaro, complete with 350ci small-block and auto trans. The auction kicked off at $180,000 and after some tough bidding, the car sold for an eye-watering $310,000.


DRAG racing legend Ben Gatt celebrated his 50th year of tearing down the quarter-mile in March, as the guest of honour at the annual Day Of The Drags nostalgia meet. Ben’s first race was at the tender age of 19, behind the wheel of a black metalflake FX Holden, at the now-defunct Castlereagh strip. 50 years later, Ben was behind the wheel of his iconic XA Falcon, still running hard at the age of 69. “I’ve had a ball here today,” the veteran racer said. “I love coming out here and competing against the young kids and seeing my old mates.

“I love working on the car, I love the big twoand three-day meetings. I still get up at 6am each morning and head out to the shed to start to tinker on some job or other. In the old days I just wanted to win, but now I just like having fun around the sport.”


WE decided to hold back our yarn on this year’s Dry Lakes Racers Speed Week until the June mag, as the photos and stories are just mind-blowing, so we wanted to give them plenty of room to breathe. Ditto for the Gazzanats WA and Bathurst Autofest yarns we promised last issue! Plus Chryslers On The Murray.

Tech-wise, we’ll check out the new Castlemaine Rod Shop front end that has been fitted to Peter Grmusa’s XTRISK Falcon and the next steps on the Turbo Taxi. The June mag goes on sale 25 May.

We’ll see you then, and in the meantime, check out streetmachine.com.au for daily updates!