ON PAGE 132 of this issue we have a cool write-up on an amazing V12 LS1 project that’s been put together by brothers Shane and Matt Corish of The guys took two standard LS1 V8 engines, cut them up, and smashed them together to form a V12. It’s a very cool piece of engineering, and the lads are set to debut it at SEMA later this year with a view to selling it commercially. We posted a video of the V12 in action on our Facebook page; here’s a sample of the response it received.

Nicholas Bromfield – The question needs to be asked: If they had two LS1s, why didn’t they make a V16? Missed opportunity.

STREET MACHINE – Way too long. V12 is as long as a straight-six.

Nicholas Bromfield – Haven’t you blokes heard of engine setback? Ha ha! Nah, I get it, but still.

Shane Corish – The dynamic balance of a straight-six is theoretically perfect, as is a V12 of any angle. This is the main reason for it being a 12-cylinder, as well as being just 8.8 inches longer than a stock LS engine.

Matt Ford – Looks like a good thing. Will be interesting to see how it goes when they do some testing.

Damien Scurlock – Seems like a lot of work for 700hp. I get the individuality, but the dollars?

David Bear – The prototype probably cost heaps to make, but I’m guessing the cost wouldn’t be much more than any other highperformance engine once they start rolling them out for public sale.

Dante Giaccio – Amazing Aussie ingenuity. We should be very proud and loud. It’s not always about the cost, and proves we have as much homegrown talent right here as anywhere in the world.

Juggy – That’s bloody awesome. Good on ya guys. Best of luck with it all.

Matt Corish – Thanks Juggy. Excited to get this thing tuned and see what hp it makes with a few different cams.

Hayden Wallis – Reminds me of the 351 Cleveland that was turned into a V12 years ago.

Matt Corish – That V12 Clevo is bloody awesome, and was actually part of the inspiration for this project.

Sonny Duran – I don’t see any coils, leads or sparkplugs.

STREET MACHINE – The coils are mounted under the frame; leads are tucked behind the exhaust manifolds.

Heath Lockett – Compared to the V12 Clevo from a while back, it sounds like a Hyundai Accent twin-cam!